have encouraged the design and development of microprocessor based protective relays are their economy, compactness, reliability, flexibility and improved performance over conventional relays [2]. electromechanical relay and numerical relay will be done and the results are analyzed. Magnitude of peak voltage VP is given by an approximate formula (based on experimental results) V. P = 2 √2V K (V F-V K) Where V F = If (R. CT + 2R. It is preferable to use the smallest The ADR241A continuously monitors all phases and earth current, Numerical Relay MELPROTM-S Series MODEL COC4 - A02S1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL . In case of hardwa re faults the relay has to be 1. The numerical distance protection relay used is REL 511*2.3 of ABB Company, which detects both phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth faults, and it has a quadrilateral operating characteristics. First generation numerical relays were mainly designed to meet the static relay protection characteristic, whereas modern numeric protection devices are capable of providing complete protection with added functions like control and monitoring.Numerical protection devices offer several advantages in terms of protection, reliability, and trouble shooting and fault information. Numerical Relay Is Also A Digital System, Which Is Concisely Communicating With Substation Automation. Presentation on Numerical Relays - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Distributor / Channel Partner of SIEMENS Siprotec 4 Protection Relay - Siemens Reyrolle 7sr110 Over Current And Feeder Protection Numerical Relay, 7SJ66 Feeder And Overcurrent Protection Relays, Siemens Siprotec Protection Relay and 7xr61 Coupling Unit For Rotor Ground Fault Protection (50 Hz offered by Reliserv Solution, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. A Numerical Protection Relay Solution 5.1 Amplifiers A current transformer (CT) is generally used to sense the current in the grid. Display of Currents, Trip count Self supervision feature ≤ 0.25 VA on CT/Phase Not applicable Depth behind panel only 158 mm. The main features which . General: The ADR241A is member of Ashida Numerical Relay family (Aditya Series) design to meet demand of low and medium switchgear control. This DSP is suitable for precise calculation and having high accuracy for the numerical algorithm used in protection of power swing, transmission line protection [1]. For example, when we boot a computer, it goes through a self checking phase where in it checks RAM, hard disk, etc. A relay that functions to prevent overheating of the field excitation winding by reducing or interrupting the excitation of the shunt field. It is generally made of following components 1. Differential relaying provides selectivity by providing a zone of protection with a circuit of interconnected CT’s. Book Description: The protective relay industry has kept pace with the technological advancements in the field. 40-386.4. numerical relays. Click on the ABB logo to return to the Section TOC page. Fig.1. The schematic Power system Protection Part – 5 Dr.Prof. Anti-aliasing filter 3. Differential Protective Relay is a protective relay that functions on a percentage or phase angle or other quantitative difference of two currents. Sample and hold circuit 2. Numerical Relay Lowset O/C -Is Lowset E/F -Os O/C Is = 20-200% Step 5% E/F Os = 5-80% Step 5% Time Characteristics available - NI, VI, EI, Definite Time TMS 0.1 - 1.6 Step 0.05 Site selectable Trip time Char. Relay). Larsen & Toubro Larsen & Toubro is a technology-driven company that infuses engineering with imagination. Numerical Relays For Protection, Monitoring & Control . numerical overcurrent relays also available. The relay is an automatic protective and switching device which is capable of sensing abnormal conditions in electrical circuits. This feature is also available with numerical relays (fig 27.1). 4/96 RELEASED CHANGE SUMMARY: Auxiliary voltage Operating range 30V DC 18-37.5V DC 48V DC 37.5- 60V DC 110/125V DC 87.5-137.5V DC Also, with the reduced cost of computer hardware, and an exponential growth in processing capability, numerical relays can provide high performance at moderate costs. A DSP from Texas Instruments, TMS320F2812 is chosen to build the overcurrent relay according to inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) characteristics. Numerical Distance Relay 40-386.4 ABB Network Partner. Numerical relays are sophisticated devices with printed circuit boards. Mohammed Tawfeeq 010 The pickup current (threshold) is adjustable and the user can choose the setting from a relatively large range. Numerical Relays - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Hardware for Metering: In principle, the hardware setup discussed above can be used for both measurement and protection function. (IA/ICTL/IAC) [60] field relay (power system device function numbers) A relay that functions on a given or abnormally low value or failure of machine field current, or on an excessive value The generalized numerical relay consists of a minimum set of hardware modules and functions of modern digital and numerical relays. Pxxx/EN SS/G11 Safety Section Page 5/8 The digital (status) inputs have programmable pick-up and drop-off timers. Go to Table of Contents to easily access each individual section. The basic Argus 2 relay contains 5 programmable numerical input, with an additional 4 provided in expanded relays. 2 / 37 JEP0-IL9540 - Safety precautions - Before installation, operation, maintenance, and inspection, please be sure to read this instruction manual and all other attached documents thoroughly in order to … Numerical relay is a special type of digital relay that actually uses the capability of the modern microprocessor to actually calculate the fault value and perform analysis such as Fourier Analysis on the fault data before even making decision to trip the system or not. Rao Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education ISBN: 9780070588554 Size: 67.74 MB Format: PDF, Docs Category : Electric power systems Languages : en Pages : 227 View: 2237 Get Book. CSENEX-l Family of protective relays are numeric relays that provides multi protection and monitoring with reliable and fast protection solution in a single unit. Multiplexer 4. This sensed current is then converted to a differential voltage signal using the load resistor. Block diagram of numerical relay. Software: Numerical Relays are equipped with software to communicate with external device to program to Relay or one can program by navigating through the Relay Menu. Numerical three phase over current and earth fault Relay Type NI 40/41 Application Such relays are also termed as microprocessor type protective relays. A very high voltage develops across the relay circuit and the CT’s which can damage the insulation of CT’s, secondary wiring and relay. numerical relay and its usage over the conventional electromechanical and static relays. L + R. STAB + R. relay) Metrosil required if V. P > 3kV I. Numerical relays are classified broadly into four different types as Overcurrent relays, Distance relays, Directional relays and Differential relays depending upon their applications [3]. The ADR241A is a 3 OC and 1 EF relay with Instantaneous high set and programmable output to simplify feeder protection wiring. 87NL DIo Lo > PNDF Numerical stabilized low impedance restricted earth-fault X X X X 2 87NH: DIo Hi > PDIF High impedance based restricted earth-fault X X X X X 2 21G Z< UZPDIS Three-phase underimpedance protection: 2 2: 2 2: 50N / 51N I These are operated to open or close the load contacts in response to one or more electrical quantities like voltage and current. The main components of numerical relay are- Keywords-Electromechanical relay, numerical relay, Local breaker backup, Bus bar protection, Goose feature in Numerical relay. Firmware update release 1.1.0.C3 for 630 series product version 1.1 protection relays (English - pdf - Release note) Firmware update release 1.2.0.B6 for 630 series product version 1.2 protection relays (English - pdf - Release note) Firmware update release 1.3.0.A9 for 630 series product version 1.3 protection relays (English - pdf - Release note) The Company offers a wide range of advanced solutions in the field of Engineering, Construction, Electrical & Automation, In utility and industrial electric power transmission and distribution systems, a numerical relay is a computer-based system with software-based protection algorithms for the detection of electrical faults. Author: T.S.M. REL301/302 REVISION NOTICE DATE REV LEVEL PAGES REMOVED PAGES INSERTED. 2.5 Service Life of Numerical Relays A typical service life of num erical relays is between fifteen and twenty years. The numerical relay is defined as the relay which is constructed by using computer or microprocessor. Watchdog (self-monitoring) contacts are provided in numerical relays to indicate the health of the device. In this family of CSENEX series, the CSENEX-I 150 is an advanced feeder protection solution which has fast, sensitive and secure protection forfeeder internal & external faults. presentation for numerical relay Title: Untitled-1 Author: Admin Created Date: 8/5/2017 1:26:54 PM Numerical relays are Intelligent Electronics Devices (IED) embedded with digital signal processor (DSP of series TMS320F2812). INTRODUCTION Protection is the important aspect to be considered in power generation, transmission and diagram of numerical relay. document I.L. The overcurrent relay is built using numerical relay technology such that the processor used in the relay is a DSP. Schneider Electric strongly recommends that these contacts are hardwired into the substation's automation system, for alarm purposes. Relay Design Relay case with a degree of protection according to IP54 Design confirming to requirements of IEC 60255 Design immune to any kind of electromagnetic interference Dimensions: 196 (H) x 166 (W). The numerical relay having an ability to performe fast Fig. numerical relay is implemented and its performance is examined. What Is Numerical Relay. The numerical relay is one of electrical base of the software protection against to detect the natural & unnatural fault in the electrical machinery. See also: relay. For com parison electrom echani cal relays had a service life of forty years.