The Oakley Jawbreaker Clear Black Iridium Photocromatic replacement lenses allow you to customize the Oakley glasses and obtain the best optical performance. They provide a crisp, clear view with no obstructions from the frame. The lenses are available in most of Oakley’s frames. Weather is the biggest variable when you’re choosing the best Iridium lens color for golf. We have listed the VLT for all lenses. Since there is very little UV reaching the lenses while in a vehicle, they won’t darken much. Tint choices are entirely based on personal preference; different tints offer various advantages depending on the intended use: Transitions Lenses come in several tint options. 4.8 out of 5 stars 27. Free Shipping and Easy returns. Oakley lens guide. He also is the Ride Director for The Jack-Cass Century and The Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation's BikeMO ride. Conversely, cold temperatures significantly improve the dark tint of the lenses but will also slow down the process of clearing back up. Each of Transitions’ partners uses their lenses in performance frames which are lightweight and offer various sport-specific features to improve performance and comfort. The addition of the Tungsten Iridium tint improves visual acuity and depth perception, helpful on the golf course, especially in flat, filtered light. The Transition Adaptive Lenses contain photochromic molecules; when these molecules are exposed to ultraviolet light, their structure changes. Go all in with PRIZM™ Sport or PRIZM™ Everyday. Both Tungsten and Jade Iridium lenses will enhance color perception and contrast next time you hit the links. Having used these lenses during some hot weather rides and now, testing them out in cold weather I have found they obtain a significantly darker tint in the cold weather than they ever did on warm-weather rides. For Instance, Plutonite is capable of blocking out all harmful UV radiations and other light rays. They are great for the local single-track where the trees filter the light and varied terrain creates a need for good depth perception and great contrast. Matt has participated competitively in many sports and enjoys almost any athletic pursuit but his true passion is cycling. And with a polarized coating, the Chrome and Fire Iridium lenses will cut glare while you’re driving, especially during morning and evening commutes, making for a perfect all-around, day-in and day-out lens. Oakley Transitions have a whole range of tints, but a few are optimized for cycling. VINTAGE Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 Black Iridium Lens Black Frame Sunglasses USA. CONDITIONS . In direct sunlight during cold weather, the Transitions Lenses (top) achieve their darkest tint. //