AH has the Soviet Mech forces as JFD intended as well as rail cuts. Mech War '77 Phil Kosnett and 7 more scenarios - this time for Mech War '77. And endures. Published in Moves 26, page 25. 1 of 2 games in the Mech War 2 set. The conflicts in the Middle East would be covered more thoroughly in SPI’s October War and Avalon Hill’s Arab-Israeli Wars. このサイトでは主に国産ウォーゲームの話題を収集しています。 例会開催情報やウォーゲーム関係のブログなど、情報提供よろしくお願いいたします! m.strada1000@gmail.comまでメールで … Buy MechWar 2 - Red Star/White Star - Wargame from SPI - part of our War Games - Popular War Games collection. Mech War 2 - 『米ソ戦争』(Red Star/Whit Star)、『スエズを渡れ』(Suez to Golan)の2つのゲームのセット(単体売りの米ソ戦争とベーシック3のスエズを渡れとは別システム) ゲームデザイナーズ・ワークショップ(GDW) ブルーマックス One scenario is Covers tactical combat during the early days of the outbreak of WWIII in central Germany as Soviet forces attempt to rush certain Suez to Golan (1979, also part of Mech War 2) Swords & sorcery: Quest and conquest in the age of magic (1978) T T-34 (S&T #23, 1970) Tamburlaine the Great: The Battle of … This page was last updated: 13-Nov 07:52. See footnotes for details. SPI PGG has been updated by AH PGG. My favorites early on were games like Panzerblitz by Avalon Hill. Mech War '77 A great point system and methods to allow players to create Design Your Own scenarios for Buy MechWar 2 - Suez to Golan & Red Star/White Star - Wargame from SPI - part of our War Games - Popular War Games collection. (SPI)INVASION AMERICA アメリカ版レアーボックス仕様... 20,000 円 0 6日 yahooサイトロゴ (DG)World at War#35 STRIKE NORTH 日本語訳付、未使用 4,800 円 0 6日 yahooサイトロゴ (COA)CAMPAIGN OF ROBERT E. LEE 日本語 SCENARIOS AND VARIANTS: 25 '77 x7 Additio al Scenarios for Mech War The following are additional scenarios for the game MechWar '77. 2. Then I subscribed to the great magazine Strategy & Tactics, which had a free game in it every issue for a long time (usually was out bi-monthly). 3. Mech War 2 (SPI) RED STAR/WHITE STARとSUEZ TO GOLANの2つがあり、2 in 1の4インチ箱もありました。発売は1979年という古いゲームです。共通ルールと専用ルールに分かれています。1970年代のゲームなので、兵器システムは MECH WAR 2 ARTICLE LIST MOVES Magazine Moves #54 - Advanced Tactics, Reality and Game: The Relationship of Military Tactics to the Play of Simulations: Part … Eight scenarios revolve around a hypothetical Soviet-American clash in West Germany. As a point of informa-tion for those of our readers not acquainted with the game, MechWar is a modern, Created by William Streifer, and published in Moves 27. Get the best deals for spi mech war 2 at eBay.com. Free Shipping on All USA Orders Over $149! Complete Your Quest Detailed, updated version of earlier game, Red Star White Star. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Mech War '77 A great point system and methods to allow players to create Design Your Own scenarios for Mech War '77. MECH WAR 2 was the best tactical armored warfare system SPI created and I particularly Ioved the historical terrain in SUEZ TO GOLAN, even if the OOB felt a little too much like gingerbread cookie cutter style. Mech War 2(SPI)をプレイする【1】 YSGA例会報告... YSGA8月例会の様子その3〔(SPI)Mech War2:Red Star/White Star メック・ウォーⅡその②〕 Way, way back, I used to play a lot of War board games. ただ同じくSPIの『MECH WAR 2』の二つのゲームをやった時はハッキリ言って大変でした。 特に『 SUEZ TO GOLAN 』は特別ルール編も訳したので・・・。 また機会があれば紹介しますね。 Mech War '77 is a simulation of tactical combat in West Germany and Asia during the 1970's. The game is played by scenario. SPI PAA has been updated by AH PAA. SPIは“北アフリカ戦役(The Campaign for North Africa)”“市街戦”“メック・ウォー2(Mech War 2)”“ヴェクター3(Vector 3)”を発表。 この年にはタスク・フォース・ゲームズ(TFG)が登場しました。TFGの代表作は … White Star, Mech War ’77, and Mech War 2 all looked at this time period, and at many of the same or similar situations, but I believe Assault went them all one … SPI Battle for Stalingrad Gamble (17/04/19)まさか「戦争と平和」が入手できるとは・ Mech War 2 (16/08/27)Mech War 2(SPI)をプレイする【2】 (16/08/27)Mech War 2(SPI)をプレイする【1】 (16/03/21)折角ルール覚えたのに・・・ (15/11 SPI Titles Claimed as Acquired, in 1994, by Decision Games (S&T167) 1812 1918 ACROSS SUEZ AFTER THE HOLOCAUST AGAINST FOUR WORLDS AGINCOURT AIR CAV AIR WAR … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage MechWar 2 Red Star/White Star SPI Simulation Combat Board Game 1979 at the best online prices at … Mech War 2 Add-ons: ... SPI's early games shipped in white boxes before being replaced with the more familiar black boxes/counter trays. They made a game for purchase called Mech War '77, which was a lot of fun. Mech War 2 Thomas Pratuch, a company commander for tanks in real life, uses the detailed Mech War 2 system to examine bringing real battlefield tactics to the … The Hong Kong Society of Wargamersの定例会報告 2013年2月2日 公式サイト記録 Facebookアルバム Facebookアルバム 「Mage Knight」「D-Day Dice」 … 続きを読む 亜州卓上戦棋定点観測:2013年2月 Mech War '77 Fine tuning facing in Mech War . Number of bids and bid amounts may be I would never go back to the SPI version.